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Last website update: December 2021

About us


The block producing node runs on a Mac Mini 16GB and relay nodes on Raspberry Pi's 4 with 8GB Ram and 500GB SSD harddrive


We are located in a beautiful vineyard municipality in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland


 Our pool consumes 40 Watt and is supplied with 100% renewable energy, mostly by hydropower plants from Switzerland and abroad.

Our Mission

As a small and independent single stake pool operator, our primary mission is to strenghten the decentralization and securitiy of the Cardano blockchain. At MINI Pool, we specially care about the environment and that's why we decided to run our stake pool with energy efficient hardware and renewable energy.


We donate 1/3 of the pools mining rewards to ATKYE, a Swiss charity organization which supports the scholarization of children in the coastal region of Kenya (Kilifi County) through its own school and partnerships with other schools.

400 CHF (Swiss Francs) already donated

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Delegate your ADA with us!

Just as the Cardano network relies on stake pools to function, stake pools rely on delegators to best do their job. A delegator can be anyone who owns ADA coins in a wallet that supports staking. As a delegator, you select a stake pool you wish to support and stake your coins on that stake pool. The higher the staking amount of all delegators in a pool, the higher the chance for the stake pool to create blocks. For each created block by the stake pool, the stake pool and all his delegators are rewarded with new ADA coins. In average the reward for delegators ranges between 3 - 7 % of the staked amount.

As a delegator you do not send or deposit your coins on the pools wallet or lock them in any other form. Your staked coins always remain in your personal wallet and can be spent at any time. This characteristic is unique for the proof-of-stake protocol of Cardano.





# 6,070,203
First Mainnet Block

f7d296fa ... 110d0cdd 

August 4th 2021, 11:39:06 pm UTC


Mini Pool is member of alliances that promote decentralization, sustainability as well as mutual support between smaller pools. If you want to browse around for more Stake Pools or just out of curiosity to know what is currently going on with the alliances, we recommend you to visit their pages. You can find the link here on the right.

Armada Alliance

The Armada alliance was formed in efforts to build a sustainable community of decentralized, low-cost, and energy-efficient stake pool operations on the Cardano blockchain


A group of small stake pools that commit to staking a certain amount, on a rotating basis, with a pool within the alliance


xSPO is a fun group of SPO's that joined with XS (eXtra Small) stakes of less than 1m ADA. Together we will learn and grow!