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What is a Stake Pool ?

The Cardano network operates on a decentralized blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, the Cardano blockchain is not maintained and secured by miners, but by stake pools. These have the task of verifying transactions and then storing them in secure data blocks in the blockchain. When a stake pool mines a block, it is rewarded by the network with ADA coins. The advantage of stake pools is that they do not require the same computing power as bitcoin mining and therefore consume thousands of times less energy.

Why Staking ADA Coins ?

By staking your ADA coins on MINI POOL, you help strengthen the security of the Cardano network and its blockchain. In return, you will be rewarded with an interest rate for your staked ADA coins. The interest rate depends on various factors, such as the amount of coins staked in the pool and the number of blocks minted by the pool.

"By staking you remain in full control of your ADA coins"

This means that you do not send or deposit your coins elsewhere or give them away in any other form. Your staked coins remain in your personal wallet. Staking with MINI POOL means that you only give your supportive vote to MINI POOL. The more votes the pool receives, the higher the chance for the pool to mint blocks and so the higher the reward for the pool and its stakeholders.



The pool is located in the beautiful vineyard municipality Weiningen in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland


Block producing and relay nodes are running 24/7 on Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB Ram and 500GB SSD harddrive


 The pool consumes 30W and is supplied with 100% renewable energy, mostly from hydropower plants from Switzerland and abroad.

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