Low Power

To keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, we aim to limit the hardware to the essentials. For this reason we have chosen small and low power consumption computers. While the block production node runs on a slightly more powerful Mac Mini M1, the 3 relay nodes runs on Raspberry Pi 4.

The entire pools energy comes from 100% hydroelectric powerplants.



MINI POOL operates 24/7 with interruptions less than 1%. We achieve this by being connected to 3 relay nodes in parallel. This allows us to never disconnect the pool from the network even during maintenance such as security updates. We are therefore constantly connected to the Cardano Blockchain and reduce the risk of missing blocks.




The fixed costs are currently covered by the smallest possible settable amount of 340 ADA. The margin is currently 0%. Consequently, MINI POOL distributes the highest possible yields to its stakeholders.

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The administration of MINI POOL is done by the undersigned. I have been interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Cardano for over 3 years. I am fascinated by the wide range of applications that Blockchain offers. Cardano is in my opinion the Blockchain that has the real potential to become mainstream and make the world a fairer place.